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Welcome my belove freshies..look down laa!!!

By Gpku

Most of children will answer “I want to be a doctor”.This is the common answer when they were asked what you one to be?For sure,after struggling and hard work, your dream of becoming a doctor finally will paid off my dear..Kahkahkahhh…It is more truly significant when you was offered a place to study medicine at Universiti Malaya (UM)..then you will never forgot your belove ‘Royal Flush’...

The registration for the new students at UM began in July every year, followed by the orientation programme. The orientation programme is meant to provide information to the
new undergraduates pertaining to their studies, to familiarise them with life and the facilities in campus, the rules and regulations.But the most importantly,to get to know the seniors students..baru jadi junior,janganlah mau tinggi hidung…

The very nice and respect welcome from the seniors, the orientation programme has proven to be a ‘heaven’..very nice for healthy aroma breathing..The new students were made to perform various unforgetable acts… still fresh in my head nor never forget it..It’s like very silly acts. They are not to look into the seniors eyes or in other words ‘look down’ freshies..tengok aku punya dare you look at my face..$%#@^&..haha

secara this a medical school or training place for army??,,haha,,jangan jadi bodohlah..ini university la..medic la..kalau ini pun tak tahan jangan amik medic la..macam pondan..then, report kat parents..WTF..still like school and kindergarden pupils..

Some ‘manja’ pondan said, orientation Life in UM is not what they thought it would be it's
been rather like living together with a group of gangsters or in a secret society. Medical faculty students are future doctors. The university should provide a conducive environment to mould these young, ambitious and energetic people to become thoughtful, considerate, dedicated and patriotic citizens.The fact is,if you want MBBS (Malaya),just go through it laa..this our tradition..nobody can’t change it..haha …UM is ONE.I can’t reject,they will live in fear of their seniors for period of orientation, even though you will live like nightmare in the nightmare..sounds cruel huh?haha

Those who involve in local Medic faculty should know that the actual incidents are MUCH, MUCH WORSE than this. beloved junior..senior kamu sgt sayangkan kamu,kami ingin rapat dengan kamu..Is that you don’t like it?come on mannn…

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