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JPA scholarship..ko bukan bumiputra, sorry!

By Gpku
"While it is true that more and more non-bumiputras are getting scholarship to go overseas or within the country, there is also a corresponding increase in bumiputra scholarship. The end result is that in the last 4 years, non-bumiputra students that were awarded scholarship by JPA accounted for 25.4% on average per year. For those who were awarded JPA to study in the country, the percentage of non-bumiputras is about 10%. The government should increase the number of scholarship for the non-bumiputras. While helping the bumiputras, the government should not deny the deserving non-bumiputra students of their opportunities to further their studies through the JPA scholarship".

Let me share some experiences with you as a JPA scholar myself. In respect to my batch, i can quarantee, 100% of medical students will earn their scholar from JPA.Eventhough, you are 'anak Datuk', anak 'Datin', anak 'orang kaya', anak bajingan...masih dapat JPA scholar maa.. The matter is that either you fill the form or not.But then, one issue coming..almost 100% of bumi's students will fill the form and as a consequent, they have 'Aku Janji' serving for government for 10 years..oh God, how kind and honest you are to 'rakyat'..On the other side, almost 100% of non-bumi's simply reject to fill the form.The reason is only and only one. 'I don't want serve so long for government' that still not fair??,,come on..think it man..

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