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Jom Belajar CPR

By Gpku

Today got more experiences,

one patient came in with chest pain and shortness of breath,

he suddenly unresponsive when called by his wife,

he collapsed..Then the story of CPR (CardioPulmonary Resuscitation) begin..

1.Clear Danger..

2.Response - determine whether patient responsive or not.

3.Then, ask someone to call arrest team and bring defibrillator.

4.Look at the airway.

Head tilt, chin lift

Clear the mouth

Listen breathing sound

Look chest movement.

5.If no breathing..

give 2 rescue breath while watch chest movement

or use specialized bag and mask system (@ambu system) if availabale and 2 resuscitators are present.

6.Then, check carotid pulse for 10 seconds,

if no pulse present, start chest compression in 2:30 compression x5.

For this patient, after 4 cycle of chest compression, carotid pulse present then he was intubated..


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