'going beyond expectation..

How dare you in this profession!..bullshit!

By Gpku

"can you imagine?2 years of housemanship??!..sounds cruel rite?

It's all part of training..

But most of the junior young doctors said "It's more of 'kuli job' than training, it will be wasting our live taking blood,seeing 'clients', running for this and that..The system should be changed,doctors are trained to think therefore-teach them how to think, doctors are trained to react in the most critical minutes-then teach them how to!"...huhu..tak puas ati betul doktor muda neh..sabo lah..

after completing most gruelling course for 5 years (some got more than 5 years)..young doctors got another challenge to go..mesti habiskan housemanship 2 tahun maa..perit tuh,,they rely on lots of coffe, very little sleep (tidur2 ayam sahaja) and put up on public chasetisement..this is reality what they should encounter as a houseofficer..It's all depends on mental strength unless life is like dead..

But, truly speaking, got some human being, even after finished perfectly in 5 years medical course, get the 'DR' title, they got through the cruelty as medical students, suddenly after started the less than 2 months of housemanship...the true decision was made..'they quit as a Doctor profession'..that said,they just couldn't take the stress anymore..

Oh,so sad! is how pity these 'bekas doktor'..they can't resist with the workload,stress and end up with that kind of decision..second, so pity with the goverment that support them financially and finally this is what the goverment get the waste!..The costs to produce one doctor is about RM250,000 locally..see! much you wasting 'duit rakyat'!!!

Government,medical school,specialists and even higher education ministry who done students selection entering medical school need to work up this questions..


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